Leeds Coalition Against the War, formed in 2001 to oppose the ‘war on terror’, are a non-partisan civil society coalition of activists and community members who are committed to bringing about an end to war wherever it arises. Particularly, we are concerned about the complicity of our government in global atrocities. Whether through British airstrikes and invasion, an inability and unwillingness to challenge global injustice, or through involvement in a global arms trade that puts profit before the lives of people, we condemn the role of the establishment in perpetuating global devastation.

Our work takes a strong focus not just on opposing war, but in highlighting and responding to the dreadful consequences of war. In this regard we work to raise asylum seeker and refugee issues, as well as challenging the rise of Islamophobia and racism as they link to the ‘war on terror’.

We meet every first and third Wednesday of the month at Leeds Civic Hall at 7pm.  Email leedsagainstwar@gmail.com for more info or check @LCAW1


We are part of the national Stop the War Coalition – http://www.stopwar.org.uk @STWuk

Stand Up to Trump

The warmongering racist sexist bigot US President Donald Trump is set to come to the UK on 13-14 July 2018 – we need to organise to give him the welcome he deserves!  Leeds Coalition Against the War has therefore been hosting wider Stand Up to Trump meetings as part of its bi-weekly meetings – in order to help build the resistance and make sure that if does come to the UK he is met by the biggest protest ever in British history (or at least as big as the magnificent demonstration fifteen years ago, on 15 February 2003, organised by the Stop the War Coalition against Bush and Blair’s war on Iraq), as well as mass demonstrations in Leeds itself.


Thursday 5 July 7pm Leeds University Business School – Maurice Keyworth Lecture Theatre G.02. Organised by Leeds Stand Up to Trump and Leeds University UCU with speakers inc. Prof Richard Seaford (British Committee for the Universities of Palestine), Prof Gary Dymski (Leeds) on Trumpean Economics, Dr Diane Nelson (Leeds) on Trump and the enviromental crisis, Kathy Saemian on Trump’s war plans for Iran and Sam Kirk (Leeds Stand Up to Racism) on Trump, racism and the international far right.


Saturday 7 July – Rally and March to Celebrate and Defend Multicultural Leeds – meet 12.30 Leeds Art Gallery / Victoria Gardens, for more info see here:




Thursday 12 July – meet 5pm Leeds City Art Gallery / Victoria Gardens LS1 3AA


and Friday 13 July – meet 5pm Leeds Dortmund Square (off Headrow)



Friday 13 July – leaving Leeds 8am – tickets £9-27


For more information on above find ‘Leeds Stand Up to Trump’ on fb or twitter @LCAW1

Leeds Stand Up to Trump are also campaigning so that Leeds City Council declares Leeds a Trump free zone – please sign the petition here:


Solidarity with Palestine –

Leeds Coalition Against the War supports Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Leeds University Palestine Solidarity Group in their campaigning efforts for an end to siege and brutal occupation of Palestine and for justice for Gaza after the recent massacre.

Stop Bombing Syria


Like many if not the majority of people in Britain, Leeds Coalition Against the War feel there is already too much bombing and war, including possible chemical weapons, going on in Syria and the US and UK joining in and adding some more bombs is unlikely to make things better. If Donald Trump and Theresa May really cared about ordinary Syrians who have already suffered under such bombing, including from Western powers, they would open the borders and say Syrian refugees are welcome here. A new war on Syria will be as disastrous as previous Western interventions in the Middle East and threatens to dramatically escalate tensions and war across the region and further afield. We support a parliamentary vote on this question and urge people to write to their MPs to tell them to vote against it, but even if Parliament voted for a new war, we would still oppose this new war, as we opposed the Iraq war.

We have called protests in Leeds to say no to this new war drive – see @LCAW1 for updates / details


Past events


Leeds Stand Up to Trump / Sisters not Soldiers gig – Friday 19 January 2018, 5.30pm, Brudenell Social Club, Hyde Park, Leeds.  £5 in.

19thJan LCAW Brudenell Sisters not soldiers gig

Leeds Women’s March – Saturday 20 January 2018 – 1pm Leeds City Art Gallery, Headrow.


Stop The War: Don’t Attack Iraq – 15 years On – Public event at Abbey House Museum Leeds – on Thursday 15 February, 2.30pm – Abbey Walk, Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS5 3EH – cost £5 in.  http://www.leedsinspired.co.uk/events/stop-war-don-t-attack-iraq-15-years


Why We Need An Anti-War Government

Public meeting hosted by Leeds Coalition Against the War

Wednesday 28 February 2018, 7pm Leeds Civic Hall

Speakers include Chris Nineham (Stop the War Vice Chair)

Dave Webb (CND Chair)


See @LCAW1 for more info etc